Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings’ Popularity is on the Rise

Asscher cut engagement rings are sophisticated and elegant looking…and tend to be more expensive than traditional cuts, like princess or round brilliant. But there are ways to create the illusion of a bigger diamond, even if the carat weight is small.

Asscher cut diamonds are a fancy cut, and fancy id verification ring cuts to tend to look larger than round diamonds, even when they are the same carat weight. Asscher cut engagement rings are easy to spot because of the stone’s distinctive shape. They resemble an octagon, a square shaped diamond with deeply trimmed corners, and a series of parallel steps. The steps create a mirror-type effect that reflects light and makes the stone glitter and sparkle more so than other cuts. This high diamond fire quality means that you can choose a smaller stone, and not lose any of the impact of a brilliant diamond.

To boost the appearance of size, have your engagement ring set in a Pave setting. This is a setting made up of a series of small diamonds that are set with their surfaces almost level with the setting, so it looks like a diamond encrusted surface. Extremely small beads made from the same metal as the bad keep the diamonds secure. Because a Pave setting makes it nearly impossible to see each individual stone, the ring overall looks as if it has more diamonds than it actually does.

You can also choose a four prong setting, which will elevate the diamond and help it attract more light. make sure that the prongs aren’t too wide, or they will hide the corners of the diamond and make it look smaller. The unusual style of the Asscher cut means it can stand alone very well, but if your stone is very small consider adding a few small diamonds to the band. This will add a bit more glitter to the ring overall. Settings to avoid with this cut are bezel and channel settings, as the stone will not be exposed to as much light and the sparkling effect it is famous for will be lost.

whatever carat weight or setting you choose for your Asscher cut engagement ring, make sure to verify its authenticity. All of these diamonds will have the Asscher family insignia and an identification number on the girdle of the stone. Your jeweler should have no problem showing this to you…you can’t see it without magnification.

An Asscher cut engagement ring is an elegant choice, and the unique look of the stone means that you can get away with a smaller carat weight without losing any of the beauty or impact that makes diamonds so popular.