David Serna Attorney Provides Tips On Hiring The Perfect Defense Lawyer For A Criminal Case

When any person has been accused of or charged with a criminal offense, their first step should be to hire a good criminal defense lawyer who can help in fighting the charges and winning the case. David Serna Attorney points out that no one should take criminal charges lightly, and hence people must strive to find legal representation that will prepare the most effective defense on their behalf. David Serna himself has more than four decades of experience in handling criminal cases throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The criminal justice system basically is a three-part system, which comprises of the defense lawyer, the prosecutor, as well as the judge, and jury. Each of them has a specific role to play. David Serna Attorney underlines that the role of a defense lawyer basically is to argue on behalf of the defendant. David Serna himself has worked on numerous criminal cases over the years, ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. He always tries to work closely with his criminal defense clients, and help them to the best of his abilities.

David Serna Attorney mentions that whenever one is stuck in a legal soup and need a criminal defense, they must focus on identifying the best possible lawyer for their relevant case. Here are some of the elements people must focus on, according to David Serna, when it comes to finding a good criminal defense attorney:

  • Experience: Like all professions, experience holds an immense value when it comes to the law as well. Hence, people should always try to hire a lawyer who has several years of experience. It would be even better if people could find a lawyer who is especially experienced in handling cases similar to the ones they have been charged with. Lawyers with experience shall readily be aware of laws and precedents that have a direct bearing on the relevant case, and would be equipped with the needed knowledge to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the preparation of the defense.
  • Success rate: After short listing lawyers based on their experience, people shall try to evaluate how they have fared in the cases handled by them. One should try their best to find the number of times that the lawyer was able to successfully argue in favor of the client and win an acquittal or at least arrange for a good settlement. It, however, is important to note that even the best lawyers lose case from time to time.  So people must be realistic about their expectations when trying to find the lawyers with a good enough success rate.
  • Approach: A good dense lawyer should maintain a professional, yet affable approach that encourages their clients to talk to them without much of a hesitation. Hence, one should try and zero in a lawyer with whom they can comfortably talk and discuss even personal details relevant to the case, if needed.

Focus on the three aspects mentioned above can significantly help people to find a good lawyer for their relevant case.