Authorities Stuck With Estimated

Whilst companies across the UK are calculating the losses from lack of productivity from staff on “snow days” in January, London transport bosses have begun the grueling task of having to estimate costs for repairs on the London public transport system caused by massive amounts of snowfall. Initial estimates are well over the 40 million pound mark resulting in a request from transport bosses for emergency funds to assist with the costs involved.Hoping that this week’s slight increase in temperature will thaw the remaining ice and snow covering roads and rail systems across London, transport bosses are eager to get repair work undergo after being delayed due to poor weather.Rail repairs alone are estimated to cost in the region of 20 million pounds.The London tube transport lines have been running “ghost” ships overnight to clear snow and fallen trees off the tracks, as well as perform temporary repairs on the tracks, however in order to repair the entire system, funding will need to be approved. A representative of Network Rail stated that winter operating costs are expected to end up being more than 40 or 50 million pounds more than last year as a result of extreme weather conditions.

Some of the bigger stations such as Clapham Junction were hard hi minibus transportation┬át by damages and people owningwere growing increasingly concerned at the constant delay in trains and transfers. Those using a London transport planner were simply left not knowing which trains were coming and going.As far as the roads are concerned, the situation is not much better. London bus transport systems were badly affected by the weather which also resulted in massive loss for numerous parties. Experts expect repairs to London’s roads to cost an estimated 20 million pounds of taxpayer’s money. This amount would simply be to resolve issues in the worst hit areas of London, however an additional 500 000 pounds would also need to be spent by each individual borough in order to repair the more long term damages left behind by one of the coldest winters in modern times.AA presidentsaid: “Emergency funding is required to stop the vicious circle of crumbling roads costing more in compensation, accident claims and hospital admissions.”Regular commuters have been asked to be patient and bear with the London transport authorities as they complete repairs. Slight delays could still take place here and there as repairs are carried out around the capital. With the improving weather, we can only hope that London transport will be back on its feet as soon as possible.