Brian Ferdinand, Business Expert: Corporate Housing vs. Airbnb Properties

You’ve stayed in an Airbnb property in the past, but you have yet to try out a corporate housing unit. Your next out-of-town trip couldn’t be a better time to check that off of your to-do list, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article. The question is, what exactly is the difference between Airbnb properties and corporate housing units? Here’s a rundown on how these two accommodation options differ and how to determine which one is right for you.

Corporate Housing and Airbnb Legal Restrictions

In the recent article, Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, explains thatAirbnb properties are designed to accommodate short-term travelers who are taking vacations to faraway cities or states. For instance, research indicates that an average Airbnb stay is just three days. Meanwhile, corporate housing units cater to longer-term business or personal travelers, with research showing that people stay in these units for nearly 80 days on average.

As far as legal restrictions are concerned, Airbnb properties are subject to current rental laws. Thus, when you stay in one for any length of time under 30 days, you must pay the local hospitality tax—the same tax you would be charged at a hotel. However, unlike Airbnb housing, corporate housing doesn’t fall under rental law. Instead, it is covered by real estate laws, which provide both property owners and their tenants more protection.

Corporate Housing and Airbnb Environments

Yet another key distinction between corporate housing and Airbnb properties has to do with their individual environments. As an Airbnb customer, you may stay in a home where the landlord still resides at the property. In fact, the landlord may actually share the space you’re renting.Unfortunately, this may mean more instability and disruptions in your living space’s ambiance.

Fortunately, living with your landlord is not an option with corporate housing. As a result, you can rest assured that you will always enjoy total privacy during your stay.

Still, as a whole, whether you choose Airbnb properties or corporate housing will ultimately depend on the expectations you have for your stay, as well as your personality. For instance, if you don’t mind sharing space with a stranger, then Airbnb situations that require this shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, if you prefer your lodging to be a peaceful respite from your busy destination city, then corporate housing would the best option for you.