Evan Dombroski Provides a Few Pointers On Becoming a Better Nature Photographer

Photography of natural settings can inspire feelings of wonder. Any person who has an inherent love for natural landscapes, wildlife, plants, and environment in general, should try and engage in nature photography. Evan Dombroski mentions that while nature photography is certainly not easy, engaging in it can prove to be extremely rewarding for any individual who is fond of the environment around them. Evan himself is one such individual. Evan is a New York-based nature photographer. He uses his craft to encourage others to lead an environment-friendly and sustainable life.

Many people think that capturing nature through photographs, but so is not the case.  One does not have to find new locations or subjects to take stunning photos. Evan Dombroski mentions that looking at the subjects they have in a completely different light every time is among the key aspects of becoming a nature photographer. Evan often tries to takes pictures of the urbanized green spaces across New York city with varying perspectives, vision, and light. Capturing the beauty of wildlife, landscapes, or even urban green spaces is a great passion of his, which has encouraged him to consistently improve on his photography skills.

Here are a few pointers mentioned by Evan Dombroski that can help people to become a better nature photographer:

  • Use unusual lighting for surprisingly dramatic shots:  Not everyone can visit a forest or nature retreat every day to take photos of the nature. Hence, they have to work with the limited green spaces they have in their city, including parks and gardens. However, due to this, it becomes difficult to find new compositions and all the images seem frustratingly similar.  Directional lighting can significantly help people in this regard.  One can get directional lighting when the sun is low in the sky, and hits the subject from a particular direction. Among the various angles, capturing pictures when the sun hits the subject from the back is especially a great idea. This angle allows people to capture their subject in an intense, dramatic light, as well as create a contrast-heavy photo that features a beautiful background and a detailed subject.
  • Shoot from strange angles for a completely new perspective: Using the same angles time and again will just result in a number of similar photographs, without any major variation. Capturing the subject more intimately can be a great way to capture new angles. People can even try to lie on the group and look up at their subject to capture them at a certain angle. Conversely, they may try climbing high above the subject, so that they are shooting straight down. Photographers should be imaginative about the various angles they can use for photography

Photographers can also try to create abstracts of their subjects to capture a shot that is impressive and unique. Abstract photography allows people to see their subject in a whole new light and hence is perfect for creating fresh perspectives of a subject.