How to Prepare for the AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam?

AZ-104 is the newest version for Microsoft Azure Administrator, as a replacement of Test AZ-103. AZ-104 has been accessible from April 2, 2020 however, the AZ-103 examination will stay valid until August 31, 2020. If you are getting ready for the AZ-103 examination, then this AZ-103 exam prep guide is right for you. In the event you’re intending to select the AZ-104 examination, then follow our AZ-104 exam prep guide and choose your groundwork beforehand.

From the new role-based certificates, Microsoft replaced started two certificates AZ-100 and AZ-101 since the replacement of 70-535 for its Microsoft Azure Administrator role. But effective from May 1, 2019, the two the AZ-100 and AZ-101 tests will probably be replaced by the AZ-103 examination. Consequently, if you’re aspired to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator, then you ought to be concentrated on AZ-103 examination prep.

By May 1, 2019, all of the prior assessments related to Microsoft Azure Administrator role i.e. AZ-100, AZ-101, and also AZ-102 is going to be expired and you are going to need to take the sole AZ-103 certification examination to get the badge of Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate. It’s been performed on the basis of customer responses to simplify the procedure for making certificates to become Microsoft Azure Administrator. So, the examination AZ-103 exam dumps is a mix of the prior AZ-100 and AZ-101 examinations.

In case you’ve scheduled your Azure Administrator certification examinations before May 1, 2019? We are going to advise you to have a look at the prep guides for AZ-100 examination and AZ-101 examination to present your prep a fresh border.

Assessment AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification examination confirms and shows the experience of people who are doing the part of Azure Administrator. This examination basically tests the understanding of the candidate to handle cloud solutions that interval calculate, storage, networking, safety, and other cloud capacities over Microsoft Azure. Let us dive deeper to learn more about this test so that it might be simpler for you to begin your AZ-103 examination prep.

Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam Information

Though AZ-103 official site does not provide more info concerning the AZ-103 examination, this test is similar to any other examination. The entire title of this examination demotes the certificate name i.e. Assessment AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator. You may anticipate 40-60 variety of questions at the AZ-103 test in multiple choice and multiple response format. The registration fee hasn’t yet been revealed by Microsoft, it could possibly be USD 165 or more as the examination is a blend of AZ-100 and AZ-101 examination. The table below provides you with quick Information Regarding the examination:

Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam Blueprint

Being the combo of AZ-100 and AZ-101, the test routine now comprises the aims of the AZ-100 and AZ-101 examinations. Surely, now you are going to need to pay more syllabus throughout your Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103 examination prep. Let us take a look at the domain names and subjects covered at the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certificate examination.

Thus, it’s mandatory to maintain your AZ-103 Azure Administrator exam prep fully centered on the above-mentioned examination objectives. As soon as you’re convinced with your preparation, you’re prepared to have to select the exam.

A Comprehensive Guide for AZ-103 Exam Preparation

We have brought together the vital measures that one wants to follow through the AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator examination prep. These measures form an extensive AZ-103 prep guide which will minimize your attempts to pass this certification examination. All of the preparation steps are easy to Comprehend and apply for your groundwork, so just Take a Look at the below steps:

1. Go to the Official Certification Page

As soon as you make your brain to select the AZ-103 certification examination, it is advised to experience the official AZ-103 page on the Microsoft site. This is only one of the most reliable webpages to find up-to-date and accurate information about the exam. In the official site, you’ll find the particulars of the requirements for your examination, eligibility standards, assessment objectives, comprehensive pricing information, examination scheduling choices, and all of the pertinent updates on the examination arrangement.

2. Know the Exam Objectives

Since the AZ-103 test is your brand new, modules along with the burden of the various modules has been altered so it will become important to comprehend it attentively. You’ll find the exam blueprint and data about the burden of unique modules on your official webpage. You need to understand each domain name and each module so that you might prepare well for your examination. Knowing that the weight of every module can allow you to retain more attention on the modules which have a high weight in the examination.

3. Combine Online Training

Online training is just one of the most crucial training methods which can aid you with your own AZ-103 examination prep. With online training, you become connected with the business pros who make you learn the concepts of the examination modules, so get you prepared for the certification exam. You are able to take online self-paced training for AZ-103 examination from Microsoft learning portal site that’s completely free. You might even opt to get paid personalized instructor-led training sort Microsoft or some other online certification training supplier to receive ready with the examination objectives.

4. Reference Books and Online Resources

Since AZ-103 is comparatively a new examination, you might not find enough books to your AZ-103 Azure Administrator examination prep. Although it’s possible to preorder the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Ref AZ-103 that’s part of test ref collection. The publication has been composed by Michael Washam, Scott Hoag, and Jonathan Tuliani and could be pre-ordered in the Microsoft Press Store. Additionally, you can consult with the formerly available novels for Azure Administrator examination since they might allow you to pay many test modules which were there from the AZ-100 or even AZ-101 examinations.

5. Online Discussion Forums and Study Groups

Here is the measure which isn’t needed to be followed in any arrangement; you could combine study groups and debate kinds at any point of your examination prep, even in the very first measure of your prep. Assessing research groups and discussion forums provide you with an opportunity to connect with individuals that are getting ready for the examination or are accredited Azure Administrators. It helps you to get answers to your own questions, and receive your questions resolved. Therefore, it always advocated linking a couple of Azure discussion forums and research groups throughout your AZ-103 examination prep. Certya provides the reliable and updated AZ-103 exam dumps.


6. Take Practice Tests

It is the last step at the AZ-103 research guide which boosts your confidence and provides you ready for your own AZ-103 exam. When you believe you’re finished with your prep through all sources and the preparation measures, you ought to take a few fantastic practice examinations or mock examinations. These AZ-103 practice examinations are set in this manner that provides you the actual test like environment. Taking practice tests help you find your weakness and strength so that you may concentrate on your weak areas to improve them. You may first try some free practice questions and move to full-scale clinic assessments to check your prep level and prepare for the examination.

These are the measures that form the groundwork guide for your AZ-103 examination. All you have to do is simply follow these instructions and get ready to pass the AZ-103 certification examination in the first effort.