Menos Hiras Talks About The Love And Passion People Have For Sports

There are several people and families around the world who are as passionate about their sports teams as others are about politics or religion. Menos Hiras mentions that it is the sheer love and dedication people have towards a certain sport that makes them to scream at their TVs, obsess over team standings and statistics, and buy merchandise in the colors of their favorite team. The amount of emotional investment a die-hard fan has towards a game cannot be understood by anyone who is not fond of the sport.

No matter the background a person comes from, sports are known to unite people of all genders, age, and cultures. Menos Hiras mentions that sitting in a stadium and unanimously cheering for a certain team or player is truly a memorable experience. There are a variety of sports that enjoy a huge love and fandom in distinguished parts of the world. For example, people in Asia majorly follow cricket and football, while baseball, soccer, and hockey are more prominent in the United States. However, no matter the specific nature of a sport, most of them ultimately garner a lot of ardent followers and fans.

According to Menos Hiras there are several reasons why people end up being extremely passionate about sports. Here are a few of them:

  • Sports provide an instant bond to other people: No one wants to sit in an awkward silence or limit themselves to small talk in a party or family gathering.  Sports are one of the best means to break the ice and bond with other people. It always gives people something to talk about. People can easily sit and discuss about the sports and teams they like, its popular players, as well as make predictions about the winners of popular tournaments. Sports can be an excellent conversation starter when meeting with new people.
  • Sports gives people a place to belong: It is normal for people to want to be a part of something, a group or community. By following a team or a sportsperson passionately, a person can instantly become a part of their fandom.  People can easily connect with other fans at the game or tailgate parties. Today, connecting with fellow fans over social media has also become quite common. It always feels good to know there are many people who share similar interests.  In many cases, fans of a certain team or player end up being best of friends. Sports help people to create emotional connections even with complete strangers.

There are several families who are incredibly passionate about a sport, on the whole, and for them, cheering for a certain team is just a part of life. Children of such families grow up watching and admiring a sport. When they grow up and become adults, they reminisce the fond memories of watching games together, and try to pass on the tradition to their own children.